What Makes Us Different

Hi, I'm Malcolm Boyle, a UEFA A licensed coach who has worked at the highest level in the game. Back home in Scotland, our teams have won 3 SFL Play Off Championships, 1 Womens Scottish League Cup and I've had the honor to have worked with one of the best professional Academies in Great Britian. I have been gifted the pleasure of a nurturing nature and I love the opportunity to develop and experience players progression from 8 and 9 year old kids to world class professionals.

At Rise FC, we are changing the way competitive soccer development is run in the United States. And we felt there was no better place to launch this program, than in one of the fastest growing soccer towns in the country; Jupiter, FL.

The South Florida Football Academy

Unlike most soccer clubs in the area and around the country, where the quality of the program is driven by money, Rise FC is different. With continuous and growing sponsorships from some of the most successful individuals and businesses around the area and throughout the soccer world who believe in what we are doing, our club is a non-profit organization focused exclusively on the love and development of the most beautiful sport in the world.

That means, we don't charge families a fee, then add on upcharges like uniform fees, ref fees, tournament fees, etc. We don't simply hire coaches, put them with a team, and send them on their way. And thanks to our exclusive scholarship program, we don't turn away players and families who just don't have the financial means to afford competive soccer.


We charge one flat fee per player, that includes everything from uniforms to top coaches to tournament fees. In fact, our all in price for the 2022-2023 season is just $2250 per player.

Not only do we hire the best coaches in the area, but just bringing on a top level coach is only the beginning. Just as we have a curriculum to develop the players, we are also the ONLY club in the area to also have an extensive curriculum to also develop our COACHES to give our players the best and most supportive training available anywhere.

If you have a player who deserves to play soccer, but you don't have the financial means to pay for competitive play, let us know. Our "no kid left behind" program levels the playing field allowing deserving kids the same opportunity to play and develop as more fortunate families.

Club Unity

Here at Rise FC we want players to feel that they belong to a family during their pathway throughout the club, from the day they join our club until the day they graduate.

"This is the beginning of changing the lanscape in boys and girls club soccer, having a club run soley by the people who know how develop the young players from grass roots to college or the senior game. Come join the revolution, be part of something special and RISE up!"